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Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 18:25:14 -0400
From: Jason R Collett
Subject: Locker Room Romance 19The following story has homosexual content. If you are offended or made
uncomfortable by material concerning sexual relations between consenting
adult men, then don't read. If it is in any way illegal for you to be
reading this, then be teen titan starfire porn
very careful not to get caught. Otherwise please
continue teen porn maryanne
reading and send ANY comments to NCBOY1982juno.com. Also I have
AOL Instant Messenger and can be reached by that method. My screenname is
KVBOY1982 Enjoy! Locker Room Romance
Chapter young teen lesbians
19 "Where in the hell am I?" Jason asked aloud in the car. He has been
driving for the past 3 hours and most of it was traffic. He had finally
arrived in the city that Shawn was attending school and was trying to teen nude boy porn
the hotel that Jason had booked uncensored hardcore teen porn
the night before online. Shawn had emailed
him the directions and now they weren't helping.
Reaching to the passenger seat he picked up his cell phone and
dialed Shawn's number. When Shawn answered Jason explained to him that he
was lost and had real teens nude
no clue to where he was. Shawn told him where to go and
Jason was soon on the right path.
When Jason arrived to the hotel room, Shawn was already there
waiting for him. "Hey." Shawn said as Jason opened the door. Jason didn't
say a word as he walked straight into Shawn's open arms. After a few
seconds of staying there he pulled back a little.
"I missed you so much." petite nude teen
Jason said.
"I missed you too." Shawn said. "How do you feel?"
"Horrible. I feel so guilty for cheating on you." Jason said.
"Don't free nubie teen porn
feel guilty for something you couldn't control." Shawn
said. Jason nodded as he leaned his head into Shawn's chest for a few
When Jason was okay he and Shawn sat on the bed. "So how have you
been?" He asked
"I have been fine, very busy with school. It wasn't as easy to
adjust as I thought it would be." Shawn answered.
"So now that I am here, what are we going to do?" Jason asked.
"We could go teen porno porn
see the town, or we could do this." Shawn said as he
leaned over and kissed Jason.
"This we could do." Jason said, breaking the kiss for a second to
talk. Shawn agreed as he dragged Jason down coed teen porn models
on the bed. He began to remove
Jason's shirt and lowered himself to kiss his chest. Jason moaned as Shawn
went lower. He giggled when Shawn licked his belly button as he undid the
snap to Jason's jeans and lowered them around his ankles. Jason kicked them
off over the side of bed as Shawn started working on his lower
mid-section. Jason moaned for it has been so long. Too long for the both of
After about thirty minutes of their long due *reunion*, they lay on
the bed exhausted.
"That was amazing." Jason said.
"Huh-uh." Shawn replied. After a few more minutes of trying to
recuperate, Shawn asked him Jason if he was hungry. Jason nodded that he
was. "Where do you want to eat?" He asked
"I dunno, what is good around here?"
"There are a few teen group sex free
good places that I like." Shawn answered.
"Okay, pick your favorite and that is young european teen porn
where we will go, but first I
am going to take a shower." Jason said.
"I think I will join you." Shawn said.
"No complaints here." Jason said. Shawn smiled as tweenie teen porn
they both got up,
still nude and made their way to the shower.AFTER TWENTY MINUTES they were walking out to Shawn's car. After a short
drive they were at the restaurant of Shawn's choice. Walking into the front
entrance, Jason was teen hero porn
very impressed, this place was nice.
"Wow." Jason said as they had a seat. "How did you find out about
this place?"
"Some friends from school told me about this place." Shawn replied
as he looked over the menu. "Do you know what you want?"
"Not yet." Jason answered.
"I think the spaghetti sounds good." free teen hardcore porn
Shawn said. Jason nodded as
the tiny nude teens
waiter came to the teen mom porn
table. He asked what young teen sex pictures
drinks they would like and
"I think I am going to have the Barbecued chicken platter." Jason
"I think I will have the spaghetti with a salad." Shawn said. The
waiter soon returned with their drinks and took their order and went back
to porn teen model
the kitchen.
"So, have the police come up with anything?" Shawn asked.
"No, they are still looking. I went to free teen porn membership
Danny's house and talked to
him before I went to them teen porn boy video
though." Jason said.
"Who is Danny?" Shawn asked.
"He is-was the hot teen porn videos
guy I slept with." Jason, pausing to her what
Shawn's reaction would be.
"Oh." Shawn said.
"He didn't put the drug in my dad end teen porn
drink." Jason said. "He went to the
police station teen smoking porn
with me and told them exactly what he cartoon teen titan porn
told me."
"Which was?" Shawn said.
"That he was watching me from a distance and saw me at the bar
getting my drink. When I sat down at the table he came over and asked me to
dance and I did." Jason said. "He was nowhere near me when I ordered my
"So, what are we going to do now?" Shawn asked. Jason looked away
for teen porn gallerys
a second before answering.
"I don't know. I wish it had never happened but it did and I don't
know how to change it." Jason replied.
"I don't know what we can do either. Hopefully teen bondage pictures porn
we can move free teen porn thumb
this." Shawn said.
"Me too." Jason mpeg porn teen
said. After a few minutes the dinner arrived at the
table and they slowly ate it. After about twenty minutes their dinner was
eaten and they both sat back in their chair stuffed. They both stood and
made their way to the register. Shawn paid for their dinner and they made
their way back to the car.
"So what do you want to do?" Shawn asked. It was only 6:30 and
there were still plenty of things to do.
"I don't know. What is there to do?" Jason asked.
"We could go to see a movie." Shawn said. Jason agreed. Shawn drove
to the movie theater and looked at the movie selection. After deciding on a
movie they purchased the tickets and walked into the theater and picked out
their seats. After a few minutes they watched the previews. When the lights
went down, Shawn reached for Jason's hand and took it. Jason smiled as he
gripped it tighter. "THAT WAS A pretty good movie." Shawn said as they were walking
back to the car.
"Yeah, it was." Jason replied. They reached the car and Shawn
opened it with his transmitter. The had small talk on the way back to the
"I am so happy that I came up here." Jason said as they walked into
the room.
"I am glad you came." Shawn said as he started to change into his
night clothes that he had brought.
"Do you have any classes tomorrow?" Jason asked.
"Yeah, one at noon but I am free for the rest of the weekend."
Shawn replied as he climbed in the bed.
"Cool." Jason said as he changed and went into the teen tpg porn
big titted teen porn
bathroom. He
splashed water on his brazel teen porn
face and brushed his teeth before joining Shawn at
the bed. "So what are we doing tomorrow?" He asked.
"I don't know, whatever you want to do. We can do some shopping or
I can take you for a tour of the campus and my dorm room." Shawn answered.
"Sounds really cool. I would like to see the campus." Jason said.
"Cool, then you can meet me there tomorrow when I get pics of teen porn
out of
"Sounds like fun." Jason said.
"Okay, well, let's get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us."
Shawn said.
Okay, goodnight. I love you." Jason said.
"Night, love you too." Shawn said.SHAWN WOKE UP at 11 the next morning. Carefully slipping out of the bed he
made his way to the bathroom to get ready for his class. He was showered
and ready in thirty minutes. He left Jason a quick note telling him that he
would call his cell phone when he purple black teen porn
was out of class. Bending over the bed he
gave Jason a kiss and went out the door.JASON WOKE UP to his cell phone ringing on the end table.
"Hello?" He asked, not looking at the screen to see who it was.
"Hey Jason." His mom said. "How was your trip?"
"It was fine. What time is it?" He asked.
"About free porn sexy teen
12:30. Where is Shawn?"
"He is in class." Jason said. He struggled to open his eyes.
"Well, okay, I just wanted to make sure that you got there okay and
everything. Also, I wanted to tell you that an Officer Taylor called for
you. He left a number, is there something going on?" She asked.
"Not that I know of." Jason said.
"Well, I hope everything is okay." She said and gave the number to
him and hung up. He got up out of the bed and saw the note that Shawn had
written. Smiling he picked up his cell phone again and dialed the number
that his mother gave him. "SO THIS IS the campus? It's very nice." Jason said. It was 1in the
afternoon and Jason had driven to the campus.
"Yeah, I think it is gorgeous." Shawn said. They were walking in
the courtyard. Shawn had just gotten out of class goth teen fuck
and they were headed for
"How was your class?" free teen fivesome porn
Jason asked.
"It was okay, not much fun though." Shawn said. They walked inside
the cafeteria and got in the line to get some food.
"My mom called this morning." Jason said.
"What did she want?" Shawn asked.
"She black teen anal porn
wanted to make sure I got here okay and then told me that an
Officer Taylor called for me." Jason said.
"What did he want?" Shawn asked.
"The police have no leads on the drugging but he has an idea of how
to solve the problem." Jason said as he and Shawn took trays and ordered
their food. When they sat down at a table Jason finished what he was
saying. "They want me to go to the club with an undercover cop so I can ID
the guy."
"Why?" Shawn asked.
"Because I am the only one that can positively ID the guy that was
sitting beside me when I ordered my drink." Jason replied.
"How does this plan work?" Shawn young petite teen porn
"An undercover officer will accompany braces glasses teen porn
me to the club and we will
sit at a table and look at the people. When teen bondage sex
I recognize the guy, they will
take him in for questioning." Jason said.
"Oh." Shawn said.
"But I told sexy nude teen models
them that I would talk to you first and see what you
said." Jason said hot teen slut pics
as he took a sip of his drink.
"What do you want to do?" Shawn asked.
"I want to find the guy that is doing this teen &amp; dogs porn
to people. But it is up
to you. If you don't want me to do it then I won't."
"No, I want you to do it. I know that it is something that you want
to do and it is the only way to find out who the guy is." Shawn answered.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I am." Shawn said.
"Okay, I'll call him later and tell him that I will do it as soon
as I get home." Jason said. They talked for a few more minutes before
deciding that they were done eating. They walked around the campus some
more before deciding to tour the town.
After two hours of driving around and doing a little shopping they
decided to return to the hotel and rest for a while. They got there and
crashed on the bed.
"So, now what?" Jason asked.
"I dunno. I guess we could just lay here and watch young teen lesbian porn
some TV." Shawn
"That's sounds like fun." Jason teen girl lesbians
said. Shawn reached for the remote
as Jason reached up and kissed him.
"What was that for?" Shawn asked.
"For just being sweet and being here for me when I need you." Jason
"Oh, you're welcome." Shawn said. He straightened himself up
against the backboard of the bed and guided Jason between his legs. They
found something to watch on TV and stayed there for a couple of hours.FOUR HOURS LATER the two were dressed again and headed out. Since Shawn's
college was near a beach they planned to have teen porn school girls
dinner on the boardwalk and
walk on the beach. Jason would be leaving to go back to school the next day
and they wanted to have a very romantic evening that night.
They arrived at the beach as Shawn parked the car. He got out of
the car and opened the door for Jason. He got out and looked around at
where Shawn had taken him.
"This place is nice." Jason said.
"I know. I ate here once about two weeks ago and the food was
delicious. I figured that you would be here and this was your last night
that I would treat you to a nice dinner." Shawn said. Jason smiled as they
walked into the restaurant. It was a small but very nice place. There was
quite music in the background and dim lighting.
"Hi, I am your waitress, smoking or non-smoking?" A young woman
asked. "Non-smoking." Jason answered.
"Sure, right this way." She said as she lead them to a small
table. teen porn pic post
They sat down at the table and asked them what they wanted to drink
and disappeared for a few minutes.
"So, what time are you leaving tomorrow?" Shawn asked.
"I don't know, whenever I get up. Why?" Jason asked.
"I just wanted to know." Shawn said. There was a note of sadness in
his voice that Jason noticed. He was about to speak when the waitress
brought them their drinks.
"I kinda dread the drive back tomorrow too. I hope I don't run into
any of the traffic that I did Friday." Jason said.
"I know traffic can get pretty bad around here too." Shawn
said. They started looking at the menus and decided what they wanted to
eat. When the waitress returned they knew what they wanted and
ordered. They talked about little stuff while they waited for the food and
while they were eating Jason's cell phone rang. He took it out of his
pocket and looked at the screen.
"It's Jeremy. Hello?" He said.
"Hey, how is it going up there?" He asked.
"It is going pretty good. What are you doing?" Jason asked.
"Just watching TV by myself." He answered.
"Sounds like fun." Jason said.
"Yeah, loads. When are you coming home?" Jeremy teen porn bath pictures
"Tomorrow why?"
"Because I miss you. It is so boring down here without you." He
"Ah, how sweet." Jason said. "I miss you too. I will call you when
I leave for home."
"Okay, have fun. Tell Shawn I said hey." Jeremy said.
"I will. Talk to you later." Jason teen lesbian porn clips
said as he hung free gay teen sex
"Jeremy miss you?" Shawn asked.
"Yeah, he said it is boring without me. Also he told me to tell you
he said hey."
"Cool." Shawn said. "Are you ready?"
"Yeah, let's go." Jason said. They stood up and teen porn password
made their way to
the front register to pay for young blonde teen porn
teen maid porn
their dinner. Shawn reached in his pocket and
paid for the dinner and walked out the door. They got in Shawn's car and
made their way the boardwalk. "So, what is all on this boardwalk?" He asked
"Well, they have a small carnival that I know you will like. It has
a Ferris wheel and all kinds of different rides. I know you big tit teen
will have fun."
Shawn said as they walked through the entrance.
"Okay." Jason said. They walked around for the next two gay teen porn tgp
enjoying themselves. Towards they end of the night, after Shawn had won
five stuffed animals for Jason they took a ride on the Ferris wheel. They
were able to get a car by themselves. latino legal teen porn
Interlocking hands they enjoyed the
ride and the view once they got up top. Jason was a little nervous but he
was fine.
"You know, I am going to miss you when you leave." Shawn said.
"I know, and I will miss you too." Jason said.
"I love you." Shawn said.
"I love you more." Jason said.
"I guess life will resume to normal in a couple of teen ballerina porn
days." Shawn
"Yep, back to school and work." Jason replied. "I dread the work
"I teen and old porn
know the feeling. How is free porn teen pic
everything there?" Shawn asked. Jason
laughed as he began telling him who had quit and who was still there. By
the time he tight teen porn free
was done telling uderae teen porn
his story the ride was over. Getting off the
ride they decided to head for the beach early teen sex
to watch the waves.
Within five minutes they were sitting in front of the waves. The
noise was relaxing as they found a secluded spot away nude teen girl
from view of anyone.
"This is so beautiful." Jason said.
"I know. teen webcam porn
This is the nice part living near a beach. I can come here
whenever free teen nude porn
I want." Shawn said.
"I wish I could." Jason said.
"I know. Are you ready for what you will have to do when you return
"Yeah, teen tryounts 48 porn
a little. It's kinda scary though. Going to the club to
catch the bad guy is kind of scary. I just hope everything go okay." Jason
"I am sure it will." Shawn replied. He put his arms around
Jason. teen porn blow job
He was sitting in front of Shawn and snuggled a little closer.
"I will call you and let you know how things go."
"I hope so. I am going to miss you so much." Shawn said. Jason
leaned young xxx teen porn
up and kissed Shawn on the lips. They both smiled as they sat there
for 15 minutes before deciding it was time to go back.THEY teen porn bree olsen
ARRIVED AT the hotel and laid down on the bed.
"Man, I am tired." Jason said.
"Me too. Ready for bed?" Shawn asked.
"Yep." Jason teen lesbians amateur porn
said. They changed into porn comix teen titans
their night clothes and
brushed nude teens in public
their teeth before climbing into the bed.
"What time do you want flat ass teens
to get up?" Shawn asked.
"Set it for about 9." He answered. Shawn did so as they snuggled up
together. "I have had young teens sex
a really great time this weekend."
"Me too. I am glad you enjoyed it."
"Thanks for being there when I need you." Jason said as he reached
over and kissed Shawn on the lips.
"You are very welcome. What are boyfriends for?" He asked,
returning the fat ass teens
"I don't know, what are they good for?" Jason asked.
"Hmmm, I dunno, maybe this." Shawn said as he reached his hand
under the blanket and into Jason's boxers. He toyed with the contents as
Jason younger teen porn blogs
moaned some.
"I didn't nude families teens
know this was what boyfriends were for. I think I could
get used to this." Jason said.
"Really?" Shawn asked before climbing under the covers and taking
him into his mouth. Jason gasped as Shawn did his work. After a few moments
he came up from the blankets. Jason smiled as he took his place under the
blankets and returned the favor. Shawn groaned and moaned until Jason came
back up from outdoor nude teen
the covers.
Without saying a word Jason lay down on his back while Shawn
assumed position that teen boob
in front of him. Gently removing Jason's boxers he entered
him slowly and then picking up pace he made love to Jason. Shawn began
moving faster and faster while Jason moaned louder and louder. They made
love like they had never before. They both knew that they needed this,
needed this closeness between them that at least Jason had thought that
would be lost forever. Within a few minutes Shawn moaned and Jason teen dildo porn
feel him tighten up and explode inside him. Shawn collapsed on the bed
Jason leaned over and asain teen porn
kissed Shawn. Without saying a word they
snuggled up and fell into a deep sleep. "JASON, TIME TO wake up." Shawn said the next morning. It was
almost 9:30 and Jason had wanted to get up at 9.
"What?" He asked, still asleep.
"It is time to get up. You wanted to get up at 9 and it is 9:30."
Shawn said.
"Okay, okay. I'm up." Jason said. He rubbed his eyes and sat up in
the bed. Shawn was sitting on the bed. He leaned in for a kiss.
"Good morning sleepy head." He said.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Jason replied. He stretched and got out of the
bed and made his way to the bathroom.
"I am going to get some free adult teen porn
breakfast you want some?" Shawn asked.
"Yeah." Jason said as he started the shower.
"Okay." Shawn said as he put on his clothes from last night and
walked out teen porn picture galleries
the door. While Jason was in the shower his cell phone
rang. Hearing it but choosing not to get out and answer it he let the
voicemail get it.
"After getting out and drying off he went to where it midget teen porn
was on the
charger and saw that it was his mom. Pressing the button frre teen porn
he checked the
"Hey honey, this is Mom, just wanted to call and see when you were
coming home. Miss you and call me when you get this. Talk to you later,
Mom." Sighing he pushed the call back button and waited while it
rang. After two rings she answered.
"Hey mom." Jason said.
"Hey, how are you?" She asked.
"I am fine." Jason said. They talked for a few minutes while Jason
went into the bathroom and ran the water into the sink to shave. After
talking to her he hung up and began shaving.
While he was still shaving Shawn walked in the door with breakfast
from McDonald's.
"Hey." He said.
"Hey." Shawn said. "I brought your favorite. Egg McMuffin with a
hashbrown and Coke." He put it on the table and walked to the sink and
kissed Jason's neck.
"You know me." He said. "Mom called wanting to know when I was
coming home."
"Oh. I wish you didn't have to leave." He said.
"Me neither." Jason said as he took the razor down the side of his
face. Shawn kissed his neck again and went to the table to eat his
breakfast. When Jason was done he joined him at the table, still in his
After five minutes they were done eating and Jason made his way to
get dressed. Shawn took out the suitcase fat teens porn
and started packing Jason's
clothes into it.
"You don't have teen porn young 13
to do that, I hot teen rape porn
can do it." He said.
"No, you get dressed, I will handle it." Shawn replied. Jason
nodded and finished dressing. Within 20 minutes Jason was dressed and
packed. They both bareback teen porn
loaded everything into the trunk of his car and went back
into the room. Everything was packed and ready to go. Now all they had to
do was say goodbye. And it wasn't going to be easy.
"I want to tell you that last night was very special to me,
especially here in this room. I was afraid that we could never be that
close again free polish teen porn
since that night. But you old man teen sex
showed me otherwise and I love you
for that." Jason said as he hugged Shawn.
"I love you too and I had a great time. You mean so much to me. You
are my life, my pregnant adult teen porn
reason for living. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you."
Shawn said and kissed Jason, first on the lips and then on the
forehead. "It's time to go."
"I know." Jason said. They hugged for a few more moments before
walking out of the room. Before Jason could walk to the front desk to check
out Shawn grabbed his arm.
"I want to pay for half of the room." He said as he reached for his
"No, I got this. I got it." Jason said.
"No, I insist. I wouldn't feel right if I teen girl sex porn
let you pay the whole
cost." Shawn said. After looking into his eyes Jason consented and let him.
"I'll be right back." Jason said as he pushed Shawn's hand
away. Five minutes later he came back to the car. "It was $150."
"Here is $75." Shawn said. Jason took it and placed it young 14 teen porn
in his
wallet. They got into their cars and started the engines. Blowing a kiss
from the cars they drove out of the parking lot, each negro teen porn
going a separate way.Well, after several months teen titansanime porn
another installment is finally ready. I have a
few ideas to the next teen sex games
one and it should be ready redhead teen creampies
soon. I hope everyone
enjoyed it and don't forget to write awesome teen porn pics
me and let me know what you think. You
can reach me at NCBOY1982juno.com, KVBOY1982 on AIM, or NCBOY1982 on Yahoo
Messenger or MSN Messenger. Have a good day!

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